Emmerdale spoilers: Jimmy King makes a staggering confession as young daughter Angelica heads to prison

The guilt was eating away at Jimmy

Jimmy and Nicola King (Nick Miles and Nicola Wheeler) finally faced a brutal reality in Wednesday’s (January 31) episode of Emmerdale ahead of Angelica’s (Rebecca Bakes) court hearing.

Following Heath’s (Sebastian Dowling) death at the start of the year, Angelica must now face the consequences of her actions. Heath was killed as a result of a car crash, which happened when Angelica was behind the wheel.

The teenager confessed the truth to Nicola on the day of Heath’s funeral. In the aftermath, Jimmy and Nicola have desperately tried to find a loophole to protect their daughter, but ultimately accepted getting her to plead guilty would be better than lying.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, Jimmy, Nicola and Angelica once again faced Bob Hope’s (Tony Audenshaw) emotional and angry wrath. He said he’d soon be getting some money together to buy the Kings out of the B&B, as he believed their friendship won’t ever be the same again.

Jimmy at the King household in Emmerdale

The guilt was eating away at Jimmy

In the cafe, while Nicola chatted to Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) about how she hopes Angelica’s character references will work in her favour, she then picked up on Ethan Anderon’s (Emile John) facial expression.

Ethan pointed out that regardless of who Angelica is and her so-called ‘glowing report’, she is pleading guilty to death by dangerous driving, and the judge will have no choice but to give her a custodial sentence.

Angelica stands between two graves in the graveyard in Emmerdale
Angelica was responsible for the car crash that led to Heath dying (Picture: ITV)

Over at the B&B, Jimmy arrived to speak with Bob. Feeling guilty, Jimmy explained that he was the person who got Angelica to lie and of course, Bob was utterly horrified.

That evening, as Wendy and Bob chatted about Angelica’s hearing, Jimmy and Nicola were at home, terrified about tomorrow.

Nicola admitted that she just ignored the prospect of a custodial sentence because that made her feel better. As reality slapped the couple in the face, Jimmy and Nicola knew they need to prepare themselves for the very real prospect of their child going to prison.

‘She has a conversation with Ethan who says due to the fact that a death was involved, a custodial sentence is likely and this panics Nicola – hence why she comes up with the very strange idea of perhaps using Cathy’s illness as a way of making Cathy take the blame, suggesting Cathy bullied Angel into confessing when in actual fact she didn’t do it’, Nicola Wheeler explained, discussing what will happen next.

‘While all this is going on you’ve still got somebody who has to deal with the fact that they accidentally killed their friend.

‘And none of that is being addressed at the moment because they’re so hung up on what the actual punishment will be.’

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