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EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean goes into LABOUR at the WORST time possible!

Whitney Dean goes into labour during a row with best mate Lauren Branning.

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Whitney Dean goes into labour during a fierce standoff with Lauren Branning in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders at 7.30pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

It’s the day of Whitney and Zack Hudson’s sten-do and the locals get donned up in fancy dress to raise a glass to the happy couple.

Tensions remain high between Whitney and Bianca as the former refuses to forgive the latter for allowing Britney Wainwright to go on a stealing spree.

Whitney Dean goes into labour after rowing with Lauren Branning in EastEnders

Whitney Dean goes into labour during a row with best mate Lauren Branning.

Whitney makes it very clear she’s happy about Lauren Branning being her new maid of honour, but this only winds jealous Bianca up further.

Sick of watching Lauren play the dutiful best friend, B issues her with a stinging ultimatum – either she tells Whitney she had sex with Zack or she’ll do it for her!

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Bianca issues Lauren with an ultimatum

Furious Bianca issues Lauren with an ultimatum. (Image credit: BBC)

Is Whitney about to discover Zack's betrayal?

Is Whitney and Zack’s sten-do about to end in tears? (Image credit: BBC)

Knowing Bianca isn’t the sort of woman who gives empty threats, Lauren tells Whitney she doesn’t think Zack is the man for her – but stops herself from admitting everything.

As tensions build between the pair, Bianca tries to intervene, but Penny Branning gets there first and lures Lauren and Whitney to the taco van under false pretences before locking them inside.

Lauren takes a deep breath as she prepares to reveal all, but is stopped in her tracks when Whitney’s waters suddenly break.

Baby Hudson is on her way!

Denzel dumps Amy

Denzel breaks up with Amy after Nugget tells him a huge lie. (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Penny Branning thinks Denzel Danes and Nugget Gulati should be held accountable for their behaviour towards Amy.

Denzel humiliated his girlfriend to mask his own embarrassment after being able to perform in the bedroom, and Nugget took advantage of Amy’s vulnerable state by trying to kiss her.

Amy wants to try and resolve the matter by talking, but trouble is brewing when Nugget lies to Denzel that Amy made a move on him.

Heartbroken, Denzel tells Amy they’re finished, leaving her reeling in disbelief that he’d believe Nugget’s word over hers.

Amy tracks Nugget down to the Minute Mart, but her harsh home truths leave him questioning everything he thought he knew.

Amy's words give Nugget food for thought

Nugget is hurt when Amy gives him a few home truths. (Image credit: BBC)

Elsewhere, Elaine Peacock makes another attempt to speak to George Knight, but he’s too preoccupied by the arrival of his son, Junior.

After dismissing Elaine, George takes Junior for a drink to Peggy’s, where he reveals all about their African heritage and Eddie Knight’s trial.

How will Junior take the life-changing news?

George Knight chooses Junior over Elaine

George Knight rejects Elaine’s invitation to talk things through. (Image credit: BBC)

Also, Kat Mitchell arranges a celebratory meal at Walford East to mark the end of Alfie Moon’s hormone therapy treatment for prostate cancer.

Alfie is clearly touched by his former wife’s gesture and delighted to have all his family around him.

His adoring glances towards Kat don’t go unnoticed by Tommy, who asks Alfie if he wants to get back together with her.

Will he admit his true feelings?


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