Yolande Trueman traumatised by skin-crawling 𝕤exual harassment in EastEnders and it gets worse

Yolande was left uncomfortable by the Pastor’s advances

Poor Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) was left traumatised after being sexually harassed by Pastor Clayton (Howard Saddler) in recent EastEnders scenes.

Yolande had been left upset by rumours circulating the prayer group that she and the Pastor were having an affair, and things only got worse when Agatha returned to the prayer group more recently in the BBC soap.

Though Yolande tried to build bridges with the woman, Agatha wasn’t receptive to her apologies, leaving Yolande frustrated and upset.

Sensing her bad mood, Pastor Clayton popped round to offer Yolande a word of advice, and soon a surprise video call from Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) had cheered her up no end.

Yolande and Pastor Clayton hug in EastEnders

Yolande was left uncomfortable by the Pastor’s advances

Later, Yolande led a prayer at the group’s Easter service, which finally won Agatha over.

Things continued to get better for her when she pitched an idea to Pastor Clayton, suggesting that they use donations to buy a van in order to take their soup kitchen out into the community.

She was thrilled when the Pastor seemed enthusiastic about the idea, but things soon took a shocking turn when he pulled her in for a hug, and his hands wandered down her body.

Pastor Clayton looks enthusiastically at Yolande in EastEnders
Pastor Clayton loved Yolande’s idea (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Poor Yolande was left shocked and clearly uncomfortable at the Pastor’s actions, but unfortunately things are set to get worse from here.

In upcoming scenes, Yolande attempts to ignore what the Pastor has done, but she second guesses her decision when he puts an unwanted hand on her leg in their next meeting.

When she later confronts him about it, he tries to guilt-trip her by threatening to pull their food truck plans.

However, he soon hands the project over to his wife, Stella, leaving Yolanda gutted.

When Yolande challenges him for punishing her for speaking up, he manipulates the situation claiming he feels uncomfortable to be alone with her.


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