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Sam Mitchell makes huge mistake trying to win brother Phil over in EastEnders

Phil is desperate to connect with his son Albie Watts.

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SHARON Watts is refusing to allow Phil Mitchell to bond with her son Albie, terrified he hasn’t learned from his mistakes.

Next week in EastEnders, his sister Sam Mitchell decides to help but it completely backfires on her.

Sam Mitchell takes action next week
Sam Mitchell takes action next weekCredit: BBC
She desperately tries to get Phil's approval
She desperately tries to get Phil’s approvalCredit: BBC
She makes the decision to help her brother bond with Albie Watts
She makes the decision to help her brother bond with Albie WattsCredit: BBC

The Christmas season was filled with ups and downs with Phil Mitchell (portrayed by Steve McFadden) being on the hit list for a jaw-dropping murder mystery.

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But in scenes recently aired on BBC One, it was revealed that Keanu Taylor was the real victim as he was stabbed by Linda Carter in the Queen Vic.

Having escaped death, Phil gets to live in Albert Square – and with the need to bond with Albie Watts, who was recently revealed to be his biological son.

As mentioned above, the festive period brought Phil some shocking news as he crashed a wedding alongside Bernie Taylor and his wife Kat Slater in an attempt to reveal the truth about Albie’s kidnapping ordeal.

He was then shocked beyond words as the truth about Albie’s paternity was revealed by a fuming Sharon and, since then, Phil has been keen to get to know Albie.

Unfortunately, his former wife Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) made it clear she wanted him to stay away from the young boy due to his bad influence on his adult children, most particularly Ben, a well-known troublemaker (and murderer) in Albert Square.

Coming up, however, things get worse for Phil when he hears that Aunt Sal has passed away in scenes airing next week.

The news hits Phil hard, particularly as Sal Martin, Peggy Mitchell’s sister, hadn’t been seen in Walford since 2017.

Shocked and devastated to lose yet another member of his beloved clan, the Walford baddie contemplates the importance of family.

This later prompts him to go see Sharon to ask for access to Albie once again, but her half-brother Zack Hudson (James Farrar) stops him in his tracks.

While Phil may be at a loss, his sister Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) decides to step in to help.

Sam plays hard ball later on over Albie’s paternity and tells Zack that Phil will drag Sharon through the courts if she doesn’t give him access.

Zack correctly realises that Sam’s trying to win respect from Phil and warns her off.

Meanwhile, Phil is outraged to hear Sam’s been meddling and gives her a humiliating dressing down.

In later scenes, Sam can’t believe it when she discovers that Phil’s wife Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) knew about Albie’s paternity before her brother did.

She’s suspicious about what leverage Sharon has over Phil – but what could she find out?

This wouldn’t be the first time Sam desperately tries to honour her brother’s name and help him in his endeavours.

But due to her troubled history with Sharon, she may have to work a lot harder if she wants Phil to have access to his son.

Will Phil and Albie ever be able to bond?

Could Phil be Sharon’s only chance at giving Albie a life he deserves as she could face prison if her actions on Christmas are ever exposed?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Sharon found out Keanu wasn't the father of her youngest son Albie
Sharon found out Keanu wasn’t the father of her youngest son Albie
But will she ever let Phil bond with the young boy?
But will she ever let Phil bond with the young boy?
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