ITV Emmerdale shock affair ‘sealed’ as Manpreet cheats on Charles with unlikely resident

Emmerdale will air some shock scenes next week as Manpreet Sharma cheats on Charles Anderson with an unlikely resident

Emmerdale will air some surprise scenes next week – as Manpreet Sharma cheats on her partner.

In a shock turn of events next week, Manpreet ends up getting closer to an unexpected resident. Ella decides to arrange some drinks with the ladies of the village to cheer Manpreet up, with Claudette also invited.

Mandy and Gail join in on the fun and they even manage to convinced Claudette to have one alcoholic drink. It’s not long before everything is seemingly going well for the group, whilst there is clear chemistry between Claudette and Bear.

Ella notices that Manpreet is fawning over Billy and pulls her aside to chat about it. She’s tipsy as she admits she has a crush on Billy, but Ella warns her not to take it any further. Later, when Manpreet spots Billy leaving, she grabs him with both hands and kisses him on the lips, before confessing to Ella about what happened.

Manpreet kisses Billy in surprise scenes

Manpreet kisses Billy in surprise scenes

The next day, Ella reassures Manpreet and tells her Charles doesn’t need to know, but she thinks she should at least give Billy an explanation about what happened. Manpreet apologises to Billy but Charles overhears her conversation.

Understandably, Charles is fuming and leaves her convinced that her relationship is ruined. Are things over for Manpreet and Charles or is there a way they could maybe get things back on track?

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There were hints of a potential affair between Manpreet and Billy this week when he starts up his fitness business. She is excited about the classes, signing up almost instantly in the hope to get some excitement back in her life. However, she ends up having a crush on Billy but her feelings don’t seem to phase her at all. During a PT lesson with Manpreet, Billy seems unaware of her obvious flirting – but next week, when she kisses him, there’s no doubt her intentions are very clear.

It comes after Billy clashed with Kim Tate about his plans to go into fitness. He has been adamant he wants to restart his fitness work again, but Kim was left unimpressed and worried about how it would affect his work with her. Charles even agreed to let him use the village hall to run his sessions – but there’s no doubt that might all change when he finds out about the kiss.


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