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Home and Away’s Zara to leave Summer Bay after final Mali rejection

It's goodbye!

Home and Away’s Zara Campbell will leave Summer Bay after being rejected by Mali Hudson.

Zara arrived in the coastal town earlier this year to drop in on her old friend. The pair then revealed that they were once in a relationship.

Mali has since been coupled up with Rose Delaney, but Zara returned to fulfil her longstanding role as his “promised wife”, an Aboriginal tradition that he explained wasn’t followed in his community.

zara campbell and mali hudson in home and away
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Zara has since been staying at Mali’s despite attempting to scupper his relationship with Rose. Upcoming scenes see the pair return from their temporary honeymoon.

Mali’s roommate Mackenzie gets a shock when she sees Zara in the kitchen, and later goes to Mali to demand an explanation as to why she wasn’t told that his old flame would be staying.

He attempts to calm Mackenzie down by explaining his past with Zara, but she’s adamant that it’s not her problem, leaving Mali no choice but to return home, which Rose isn’t happy about.

Mali subsequently speaks to Zara and says it is time for her to go home, but she explains how difficult that would be for her.

zara campbell and mali hudson in home and away
Channel 5

He sympathises with her and understands her concerns. The encourages her to face her problems for her own good – this advice strikes a chord.

As Zara bids a farewell to Summer Bay, Rose makes a cheeky jibe at Mali’s expense, joking that she hopes no more promised wives make an appearance…

Elsewhere on the Australian soap, there could be trouble ahead for Felicity Newman as her deception of her husband Tane Parata is soon to be discovered.

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