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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan left devastated over Leah in new scenes

Justin is hurt when Marilyn won't help him get in touch with Leah.

Home and Away‘s Justin Morgan will face heartbreak in scenes airing in the UK next week, as he struggles with the reality of having no contact with Leah Patterson.

Justin confides in Leah’s nephew, Theo Poulos, that he’s really missing his partner while she’s away at a clinic receiving support for her mental health, after she threatened Justin with a knife.

He admits that the hardest part of the situation is following the doctor’s orders of absolutely no contact with Leah. But when he attends the ‘Salt by the Sea’ charity event, he’s devastated to hear from Marilyn Chambers that she’s been writing to Leah – and that Leah has sent her a letter back.

justin morgan in home and away
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Justin is soon on the phone to the clinic demanding to speak to his fiancée, but they’re adamant that this is against the rules. Justin shares his frustrations with Alf Stewart, who is very sympathetic and encourages Justin to write his feelings down.

Justin is soon putting pen to paper in the Surf Club office, as he pours his heart out to Leah.

As Alf and Marilyn end the evening with a drink at the Diner, Justin shows up and pulls Marilyn aside. He asks her to do him a big favour, requesting that the next time she writes to Leah, she smuggles Justin’s letter in with hers.

marilyn chambers and justin morgan in home and away
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Marilyn clearly feels uncomfortable with the request, but desperate Justin pleads his case, making it clear that he needs to make contact with Leah.

When Justin brings Theo up to speed on the situation, Theo questions his actions, pointing out that it’s against the doctor’s orders for him and Leah to be in contact.

marilyn chambers, justin morgan and alf stewart in home and away
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Marilyn soon makes it clear that she shares Theo’s opinion and she wants to honour the rules set by Leah’s care team. As a result, she won’t help deliver Justin’s letter.

Justin is left broken – is his and Leah’s separation what’s really best for her?

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