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Home and Away spoiler: Valerie tries to reason with Kirby

Can she make amends?

In spite of their previous tension, Valerie approaches Kirby alone. Acknowledging that they both care about Theo, Valerie tells her that he has been cut off from the pills and that she won’t lead him astray.

Theo returns home, apologising profusely for his selfish outburst. Valerie forgives him, but still refuses to give him a pill. This makes Theo even more desperate. He asks Valerie to give him the dealer’s number, and he’ll acquire the pills himself. Valerie is conflicted, especially given the conversation she just had with Kirby, but she finally relents.

Meanwhile, Tane tells Mali his plan to get residency so he can be Maia’s emergency foster carer. Mali gives Tane a reality check – pointing out that the system is harsh and they’re not going to bend the rules just for him. Despite that, Tane refuses to give up.

Later that afternoon, Rose makes her first public address appealing for Maia’s mother to come forward. She stresses that the baby is safe and in good health, and the mother is not in any trouble.

At Salt, Felicity overhears Roo and Alf’s conversation about baby Maia. She finds out from Roo that Tane was the one who found the baby. In shock, Felicity heads over to the hospital, where she finds Tane in his element, with baby Maia in his arms and singing a lullaby to her in Māori.

This hits hard for Felicity, especially considering their disagreements over children. But now, learning that Tane is trying to apply to be Maia’s emergency carer, Felicity rushes home with baby Maia on her mind. She opens her laptop and starts researching how to apply to become a carer.

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