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Home and Away spoiler: Leah confronts Justin with a 𝕜nife

Her paranoia gets out of hand.

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Justin is still searching for Leah. When he finally catches up with her at home, she’s midway through packing a suitcase.

Once Justin leaves her and Theo alone, Leah lets her true feelings known as she claims that they’re in danger and Justin is working for Vita Nova. When Theo tries to intervene to temper Leah’s panic, she tries another tack – they should go to the police.

At the station, Rose levels with Theo and explains that Leah needs to see a doctor. They make the decision to loop in Justin, but when he rushes to be with Leah, her paranoia kicks into overdrive. Now she believes that Rose has been turned by the cult as well.

When Justin intervenes, it only makes things worse and Leah rushes off. While Rose tries to convince Justin not to go after her, Leah returns to the Diner, where she barricades herself in. Desperate to talk his partner down, Justin manages to force his way in, but soon finds himself in over his head when Leah confronts him with a knife.

Meanwhile, Roo is thrown in the deep end at the Surf Club and struggles to fill John Palmer’s big shoes. Mali throws his hat into the ring to help out, but is soon given his marching orders by Alf. Alf has to ask his daughter outright whether she is really up to this job. He notes that Palmer is really digging his heels in about leaving, so who knows how long she’ll have to fill the role?

Later, Roo suggests to Alf that they reacquaint John with his decade-long work – ‘The Summer Bay Surf Club Bible’. That way they can remind him how much he’s invested in the Club, and maybe even tempt him to come back.

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