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Home and Away spoiler Friday 05 April 2024: Xander and Harper spark speculation

Is there really a connection between them?

Moonlight at Salt is in full swing, and the turnout is excellent. Xander and Harper make for a stunning couple – and people immediately notice the unexpected pairing, especially Rose. Xander walks Harper home, where Dana can’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation – they both agree that they had a wonderful time.

The next morning, everyone is dying to hear the juicy details – Rose pesters Xander for the good news, while Irene and Dana are at Harper’s heels. The verdict? Harper really likes Xander – just not in a romantic way. She thinks they’re better off as mates – and when Dana asks Xander how he felt about it the next day, it seems like he feels the same way.

Meanwhile, Valerie walks along the beach at dusk, alone. She seems troubled and closes her eyes, her breathing shallow and panicked. When she opens her eyes again, she gets a text from Theo, inviting her to his gig at Salt, where the two grow closer.

Home and Away 8200 spoilers - Xander and Harper spark speculation

The next day, Theo’s phone pings: it’s his TAFE results, and he failed. Theo is distraught, but Valerie snaps at him, leaving him confused. He finds her at the beach and apologises for complaining when she has her brother on her mind, and Valerie apologises too for invalidating his feelings.

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Theo pulls her into an embrace as they sit at the beach, and Kirby spots the pair. She asks Theo if they can chat, and he obliges, but things get heated – there’s clearly unresolved tension between the two of them as exes.

Theo yells at Kirby – she doesn’t get to talk to him like that anymore. He then storms off. Valerie sees his distress and offers him something that will “help” – a pill. Theo hesitates but eventually swallows it.

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