Eric Pollard left reeling as bad news about David Metcalfe hits the Emmerdale village

Poor Pollard was gutted

Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) got two pieces of news at the beginning of Tuesday (April 2)’s Emmerdale. They were both about people leaving the village, but while one was welcome, the second was devastating.

Eric’s friend Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower) texted him a garbled message which Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) had to helpfully translate. It said that Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam), who had tried to scam Eric out of a lot of money, had left the Dales and returned to India.

This wasn’t entirely surprising, as Pollard saw Amit in the aftermath of Jai (Chris Bisson) pushing him down the stairs and knew that Jai was planning to ensure Amit was never seen in the village again.

The next message made Eric look more concerned.

Eric walking Chip the dog in Emmerdale

Poor Pollard was gutted

Later, he summoned Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) and Jacob to the shop to deliver some news. David (Matthew Wolfenden) had rung him. Jacob was happy, assuming this meant that his dad would shortly be returning to Emmerdale and he would have the opportunity to make amends.

David says goodbye to Brenda, Eric and Leyla in Emmerdale
David left the village last November (Picture: ITV)

The reason David left in the first place was because his heart was broken after discovering that Jacob was in a relationship with Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) – David’s ex and the woman he hoped to be reunited with.

Sadly Jacob’s happiness was short-lived as Eric told him what David had said – that he was never coming back to Emmerdale and would be staying in London with Priya (Fiona Wade) and Amba forever.

After David left, Jacob and Victoria told Leyla and Eric about their relationship and the reaction they got wasn’t great, but over time their attitude has softened a little bit. This latest piece of news has put them back to square one.

Jacob told Victoria about David, and she later confided in Ethan (Emile John) that she felt guilty all the time for what her behaviour had done to David and the rest of the family. ‘Jacob has basically sacrificed both his parents to be with me.’

Ethan said she deserved to be happy, but she pointed out that she’d made so many other people unhappy by her actions. It seemed she was right, as Jacob was about to have an uncomfortable encounter with Leyla.

Leyla told him that Eric was ‘in bits’ at the thought of his son never coming back to Yorkshire. He’d put the house that Jacob and Leyla currently share on the market.

‘I hope you and Victoria will be very happy living together,’ she told her son, who was shocked.

‘I think I prefer to find a place by myself,’ she told him. ‘You’ve made your choice now.’

But with Victoria feeling so guilty, can the relationship last? And if it doesn’t, can Jacob’s family ever forgive him?

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