Emmerdale spoilers Wednesday 10th April 2024: Caleb Miligan COLLAPSES in AGONY!

Caleb Miligan collapses in the middle of the village.

Emmerdale’s Caleb Miligan reaches out to Nate Robinson for help when he suffers a shock collapse in Wednesday’s episode (ITV, 7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

The pair aren’t currently on speaking terms since Nate discovered Caleb had been having an affair with his wife Tracy. The awful betrayal prompted Nate to dump Tracy and disown his uncle, and Caleb’s own volatile relationship with Ruby Fox-Miligan has also come under strain.

Meanwhile, Ruby has been busy rubbing nearly every member of the Dingle family up the wrong way as she battles to hold onto her man.

So far, Ruby has been unsuccessful in winning over brother-in-law Cain Dingle, who was livid when Caleb apparently took her side over his during their latest run-in.

Caleb Miligan collapses in pain in Emmerdale

Caleb Miligan collapses in the middle of the village.

Despite things with Cain being worse than ever, Ruby is hopeful that Caleb’s defense of her means he’s committed to making their marriage work.

But will she end up learning that blood is thicker than water?

Caleb begs Nate to help him

Caleb Miligan begs Nate Robinson and Sam Dingle for help. (Image credit: ITV)

Elsewhere, a poorly Caleb arrives at the surgery hoping for an emergency appointment.

Unfortunately he’s not able to get one because Manpreet Sharma is too busy to see him.

On his way home the pain soon gets too much for Caleb and he collapses in the middle of the village.

Moments later, Nate and Sam Dingle come across Caleb. Nate is shocked to find his sworn enemy doubled over in agony and pleading for help.

Will Nate put the past to one side and help Caleb in his hour of need, or walk away and leave him to suffer on his own?

Charles Anderson proposes to Manpreet Sharma

Charles proposes to Manpreet in the middle of the Woolpack. (Image credit: ITV)

Across the village, Charles Anderson decides the moment has come to make an honest woman out of girlfriend, Manpreet.

The vicar has been feeling under pressure to propose since mum Claudette pointed out it would look better to the Bishop if he were married.

During a meal together in The Woolpack, Charles stuns Manpreet by getting down on bended knee and asking her if she’ll be his wife.

With all eyes on her, the doctor feels pressured to accept, and an excited Gail Loman announces their happy news to the entire pub.

But will Manpreet regret saying yes?

Rhona Goskirk awaits her trial

Rhona Goskirk is anxious ahead of her day in court. (Image credit: ITV)

Also, Marlon Dingle is trying his hardest to keep Rhona Goskirk’s mind off her upcoming trial.

The vet is due in court to face charges of kidnapping baby Ivy Malcolms.

Rhona knows she’s not a criminal and was only acting out of love to protect the little girl, who’s biologically hers, but will the jury believe her?

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