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Emmerdale spoilers: Stunned Liam springs into action as Ella’s secret is finally exposed

So many lies

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The mystery around Ella Forster (Paula Lane) has been steadily growing but dribs and drabs of the truth have started to break through as the reality breaks the surface in Emmerdale.

What has Liam (Jonny McPherson) got himself into?!

The wild theories about her link to murderous Meena have been gaining traction after Ella referenced her ‘nurse friend’, and on a separate occasion, seemed to give herself away in her reaction to the mention of Leanna’s death at the hands of Meena.

In a further questionable moment, it was later revealed that the receptionist has been bunking down in her car after Manpreet discovered she does not have a home to call her own.

Ella speaks to Liam in the cafe in Emmerdale

So many lies

Leyla, Suzy and Liam search the web in Take a Vow in Emmerdale
Ella isn’t online – which is very weird indeed (Picture: ITV)

And a further question mark was raised when Ella was seen going into a care home to visit someone.

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Mandy (Lisa Riley) voiced her concern for Liam, warning him to unearth any skeletons in Ella’s closet before things got too far.

And Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) is in no mood to see her ex screwed over, so she starts digging into Ella’s past on his behalf, ready to wave any red flags.

But she hits a brick wall when she discovers Ella has absolutely zero online presence – which is nigh on impossible in this day and age.

Very suspicious indeed – the only way she could have escaped being Googleable is if she isn’t who she says she is.

This fuels Leyla’s suspicions, and she is determined to find answers. Then Manpreet approaches Liam with some intel, and it lights a fire under him to take action.

What does he find out about Ella?

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