Emmerdale spoilers – Jai Sharma vows revenge on pathological 𝕜iller dad Amit over Rishi’s 𝕕eath

Amit needs to watch his back

After a major discovery about Amit (Anil Goutam), Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) is a very angry man in Emmerdale.

In recent episodes of the ITV soap, Amit attempted to befriend Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell).

The shady businessman tried to get Eric to get involved in a scheme involving exporting antiques. Eric was initially excited to be dipping his toe back into the world of high-end antiques dealing.

Since his Parkinson’s diagnosis he’s become frustrated at how people tend to wrap him in cotton wool and view him as being old and past his prime. This gave him something to really get his teeth into.

Jai at The Hide and Amit at Holdgate in Emmerdale

Amit needs to watch his back

It soon became clear, however, that the Parkinson’s diagnosis and the fact that Eric has a bit of money behind him had made Amit think he was an easy target. Amit’s increasingly threatening manner when Pollard refused to transfer money to him made the Emmerdale stalwart suspicious.

Soon he discovered that Amit was seriously in debt and had actually been trying to exploit Eric for cash.

In tonight’s episode (March 27), Eric was in the cafe discussing Amit with Rodney (Patrick Mower) and Vinny (Bradley Johnson), and the prospect he might’ve been responsible for Rishi’s (Bhasker Patel) death.

As Rodney pointed out, it was a huge accusation and one that Eric couldn’t throw around aimlessly – he needed proof.

Meanwhile, at The Hide, Amit offered to do a cash drop for Jai and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) – but of course he had other plans.

Eric speaks to Amit in The Hide in Emmerdale
Amit thought Eric would be an easy target (Picture: ITV)

He took the money and met up with a loan shark in a layby. It became apparent Amit owed them a lot more than what was in the bag, and was forced to desperately try and buy himself more time.

As he negotiated, Amit remained unaware Jai was a small distance away, witnessing the entire interaction.

Back at The Hide, Amit returned in a mess. After the conman claimed he had been attacked and had the money stolen, Jai asked him where it happened.

Amit spun his web of lies but remained oblivious to the fact Jai had already caught him out. Eric had been searching for proof that Amit is bad news – and Jai had found it.

That evening, he made his way to Eric’s and revealed the development. Jai said he wished he trusted his instincts and that his biological father is a ‘pathological liar’.

After calling Amit dangerous, Eric wondered what Jai actually planned to do about it.

‘Make him pay’, he warned.

‘He’s not going to know what’s hit him’.

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