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Emmerdale ‘confirms’ who saves Belle Dingle leaving abuser Tom King chilled to the bone

She’s desperate to escape

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While Tom King’s (James Chase) torment of Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) in Emmerdale has grown ever more frightening, there’s one question that’s been plaguing many a viewer – who will save Belle?

Perhaps the question should be, will she even be saved?, as Tom is doing his damndest to isolate her so that her nearest and dearest don’t catch on.

He’s also working hard to manipulate her into believing everything is her fault, and lay the crumbs of the idea that she is in fact the abuser.

But there is one savvy Dingle who may just be the one to come to the rescue.

Tom King speaks to an anxious Belle Dingle in Emmerdale

She’s desperate to escape

Most recently, Tom seized control of Belle’s bank accounts and upped his reign of terror by tipping his abhorrent actions over into physical abuse by punching his wife in the stomach.

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In the latest tale in his horror show, he puts Belle in hospital.

Tom ushers Mandy and Lydia out of Dale Head in Emmerdale
Mandy and Lydia have picked up on Belle’s change in behaviour, but are yet to realise Tom is the problem (Picture: ITV)

Belle now sees him for what he is, and when she gets the opportunity to have a visitor in hospital, she denies Tom the chance to get at her again.

Instead, she makes a huge request – that Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is the one to come to the hospital.

Tom is stopped in his tracks by this as it means he’s on the cusp of exposure. It’s time for him to pivot, and quick.

Having things out of his control sends Tom into a spiral, so he hurriedly goes back to the drawing board to work out a way to get things back under his control, and ASAP.

Whatever happens, he must stop Lydia visiting Belle at all costs.

With everything Lydia has been through, she knows what it’s like to be an abuse victim.

There’s no doubt she’ll believe Belle’s tale despite Tom’s attempts to discredit her.

Will Lydia finally get to the truth?

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