EastEnders reveals Christmas Day horror for Suki Panesar

She's trapped at a ∂eadly dinner.

EastEnders has confirmed harrowing moments for Suki Kaur Panesar will play out over Christmas.

Her plot to flee Walford with lover Eve Unwin was thrown into chaos at the end of Friday’s (December 22) episode when Jack Branning informed police that Eve wasn’t actually dead.

This will set off a chain reaction next week, as Ravi Gulati is released from jail by the Walford PD and is out for revenge against Eve and Suki.

Ravi confronts Suki just before she’s planning to run away with Eve to warn her that Nish Panesar won’t be far behind him. Suki flees to see Eve, though she’s called back home by a panicked call from son Vinny Panesar.

Suki arrives home to find it was all a ruse from her husband, as he forces her to sit down for a potentially deadly holiday meal with her family.

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She initially tries to escape, only to discover that Nish has locked the door. Her husband violently drags her back to the dinner table, before Ravi steps in to restrain his father.

This allows Suki to escape — while Walford PD detective Jack is trying to explain to Stacey Slater why he had to turn in Eve for staging her murder.

Stacey and Eve accuse Jack of putting Suki’s life in danger, so he agrees to go check on her. When Jack does run into a fleeing Suki, she wants no help from him since he’d already betrayed her.

What further events will lead Suki to the Queen Vic in time for The Six to discover a dead body on Christmas Day?

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Viewers will need to remember that EastEnders will not be releasing the Christmas Day episode early on BBC iPlayer, so they will have to watch it live at 9.45pm on BBC One.

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