EastEnders airs tragic relapse for Linda Carter

She continues to be taunted by rαpist Dean.

EastEnders has aired a tragic relapse for Linda Carter.

Linda turned to drink once again at the end of Tuesday’s (December 12) episode, as she felt abandoned by her older children and continuously tortured by rapist Dean Wicks.

The fact that this would be Linda’s first Christmas without her husband Mick Carter has also been weighing heavily on her.

Dean once again taunted Linda by sending her a photo dressed as Santa Claus with her son Ollie, leading her to charge down to Beale’s Eels to confront him.

Dean’s daughter Jade was shocked to hear Linda publicly accuse her father of being a rapist, with Keanu Taylor joining Linda in condemning Dean.

A distraught Jade fled the Square while Dean was determined to get revenge. He interrupted the choir performance to play the recording of Linda’s false confession that supposedly cleared him of rape.

Linda fled from the pub as George went after Dean, though he was stopped by Elaine before he could be baited into assaulting the villain.

“Dean’s a liar. He made her say that,” Elaine told everyone in the pub.

kellie bright as linda carter and matt di angelo as dean wicks in eastenders

When Dean tried to argue that Linda’s words absolved him, an irate George threw him out of the pub.

After learning earlier in the episode that her children, Lee and Nancy, wouldn’t be coming home for Christmas, Linda finally broke after son Johnny told her he wouldn’t be coming back to Walford either.

Linda couldn’t stand the anger and heartbreak she was feeling any longer, so she turned to a bottle of vodka to break her sobriety.

While the holidays will continue to be a difficult time for Linda as she gets involved with the Christmas Day death mystery, there may be some positive news in the New Year.

kellie bright as linda carter in eastenders

The soap confirmed last week that Grantchester‘s Charlie Suff will be taking over as Johnny Carter when the character returns in the near future.

“I’m so delighted to be joining such an iconic programme – EastEnders was always on at my house when I was growing up,” Suff said in a statement.

“Johnny is a complex character who has been through so much, which I can’t wait to explore. I’ve found EastEnders to be the most kind and loving space to work in, and I already feel like one of the family.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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